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Twins Workshop: Tarboro, NC Nov. 16th 2017


Image of Twins Workshop: Tarboro, NC Nov. 16th 2017
  • Image of Twins Workshop: Tarboro, NC Nov. 16th 2017
  • Image of Twins Workshop: Tarboro, NC Nov. 16th 2017
  • Image of Twins Workshop: Tarboro, NC Nov. 16th 2017
  • Image of Twins Workshop: Tarboro, NC Nov. 16th 2017

Mastering Multiples: Photographing Newborn Twins

Photographing multiples (twins and triplets) is not your average newborn session. In fact, many photographers have anxiety about working with more than one newborn at a time.

The workshop is hosted by Christina Valentine Photography & Sara Lassiter Photography, in Christina's stunning studio in Tarboro, North Carolina.

In this workshop, PPA Certified Professional Photographer and leading multiples expert Lizzy McMillan, teaches you how to master the art of capturing twins, giving you the skills and knowledge needed to feel confident in photographing more than one newborn. Lizzy, The Multiples Whisperer™, has photographed more sets of multiples than any other newborn photographer worldwide, with over 60 families including: twins, triplets, quadruples and quintuplets. Recently her session with two sets of quadruplets (8 babies!) made national news. Her work has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Women's Day, Parents, TAOPAN, PopSugar and The Huffington Post. Multiples are her specialty, and she wants to share her tips and tricks with you!

Discover how to prepare your studio for a newborn multiples session and how to prep the parents while setting expectations. Discuss how to expertly work with assistants and the safety and newborn handling tips that are critical to success. You'll also explore time-saving tips on posing, wrapping, prop selection. Learn how to elevate your skills, boost your confidence and your reputation. Whether you've never photographed newborn twins and don't know where to start- or you're just looking for a way to streamline and perfect your sessions- this workshop is for you!

This comprehensive workshop is a live-demo with newborn twins, and you will be watching Lizzy’s twin posing workflow in action!

Workshop topics:
Preparing for twins
Lighting (both natural and studio will be discussed)
Camera settings & angles
Posing workflow with twins- smooth transitions to optimize your sessions
Calming/what to do if babies won't settle

We will begin the workshop at 9:30AM, and wrap up around 3PM with a break for lunch, and light refreshments will be provided throughout the workshop.

Each attendee will also receive a swag-bag with some of Lizzy's favorite things, and discounts for some of her preferred vendors and sponsors (over $300 in discounts and goodies!):

Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers International (APNPI)
Floral & Evergreen
Sew Perfect Props
Simply Color Lab
The Little Prop Posing Pod

BONUS STYLED MATERNITY SHOOT OUT: As a special bonus for the North Carolina workshop- we will have a gorgeous maternity model styled in a designer maternity gown and will be on location to capture the beautiful fall colors during golden hour (weather permitting). Bring your camera to this shoot out and add stunning images to your maternity portfolio.